Friday, November 1, 2013

Paris (un)Bound

I was sent the trailer to the release of the Castellucci Parsifal yesterday. It's hard at the stage of my life to be left speechless.

I was. I'd never once looked upstage.

@inter_mezzo has called it "The Parsifal you have to see." Seeing this, I'm pretty sure he meant the production, not the role. Castellucci's vision dwarfs the singer's performance. And I'm quite ok by that. I had miles to go…

After the initial meeting with Eric Lacascade in Stuttgart those miles took me to NYC, then Santa Fe, then a storage unit on Staten Island, and finally Paris to a Vestal virgin not-so-patiently waiting. After all the turmoil of the previous year, I proudly walked up to the bill board at the theater to find…my name not listed.

Not exactly a confident place to start.

Seemingly undaunted I began the first 2 days of musical work with Maestro Rhorer. I quickly saw why Eva Kleinitz had raved about him some months before in Stuttgart.

It was time to Begin Again, only this time with a secret weapon.


Werther said...

Dear Andrew,
could you link my blog with yours:
I will link you to my blog.
Thank you for numerous exciting evenings!!
Kind regards

Werther said...

By the way MArvellous performance "La Vestale"
Kind regards and all the best!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to La Vestale DVD.
Release date?
Found the Parsifal DVD in record shop at Opera Garnier. Almost scared to view it after your story
about the production and its effect on you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are back!
I would like to see this production of Parsifal in Bologna.
Do you know if it will be staged as in Brussels or in concert form?
Wish you all the best!