Monday, March 26, 2012

Day One … Again

One of the great things about this job? Reboots.

One reason I'd find it hard working in an office would be looking at  the same people year after year after year. When we really enjoy working on one production with a certain cast we tend to really miss them when it's all done. The flip side of that is obvious. Good bye, and good riddance to that soprano** who was more interested in "winning" rather than making theater.

The photo from this article; an interesting review of the production.

Nederlands Opera Don Carlo starts today. And I'm determined from the outset to devote substantial time to the blog and to twitter.

But you didn't expect anything TODAY, did you?! I gotta unpack!

Oh, all right. A question:

All comments appreciated.
*from Nico Castel's VERDI ANTHOLOGY p. 4 "It is of note that the historical Carlos was an ungainly, hunchbacked, epileptic, addited to practically every vice and aberration. He was also slightly insance, a genetic inheritance from his aunt, Junana la Loca (Juana the Mad). Schiller's hero bears absolutely no resemblance to the historical Carlos!" 
[bold and exclamation are Nico's. I think he feels strongly about his point. I wonder how he'd greet Philip Himmelmann on the street.]
**Seriously?! You didn't think I would tattle, did you? Shame on you.


Anonymous said...

OMGWTFBBQ! Rickrolled on Opera Rocks!

Opera Cake said...

Will come one Sunday in May to see the show. The cast is amazing: Maltman, Petrenko, Gubanova, and of course yourself [Nylund could be good too.]
This will be a high profile show and I'm sure this will give you an extra kick.

Good luck and keep us posted ;)


Michael said...

You and Chris Maltman singing that wonderful duet should be thrilling.

Have you seen his "Juan" film - something to watch on your nights off? A very bold take on Don G

Toi toi for it all Andrew

Anonymous said...

did... did I just get Rickrolled by Andrew Richards?

Andrew Richards said...

YES YOU DID. And shame on your for looking! :-)

Anonymous said...

There a some people playing a false play. Good luck for you and all my best wishes. Brigitte.